About the Artist

I picked up my first chunk of clay when i was about  7 years old,  my brothers and I made some stuff and air dried it. I can’t remember what we made but I recall how right it  felt in my hands .

I revisited  that feeling in ceramics class in 1974 at Brockton high school and was soon sucked into clay and its endless possibilities and problems.I have been on this journey for over 40 years now. Nature has become my muse.   Its a fascinating subject with a lifetime of possibilities.

I work mostly in stoneware clays and  some  porcelains.I make functional as well as sculptural work  and  carve all my own stamps and custom mix a lot of my glazes. Lately I have been firing  a downdraft barrel kiln I built  myself.  The pots are thrown on the wheel then burnished until the surface is smooth, then a very fine clay solution (terra siggilata) is applied  to the pots. They  are then stacked in the barrel with sawdust, woodchips , sea salt  and oxides  are sprinkled over the pots. The results are one of a kind and  can be spectacular .I have belonged to the vineyard artisans guild for over 10 years selling my work in the summers at the artisan festivals bi-weekly shows .I have also been teaching a weekly class at Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs MA. for the last few years.

My work is constantly changing with every new clay road I travel leading to new challenges ,knowledge and a little further along in the  understanding of my craft.  I still get excited every time  I open a kiln even though the results  can be frustrating. For me it is all about the process and the journey, I have plenty of ideas to last a lifetime.